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Another feather in our Cap
In today’s world, the kids are found spending most of the time on the internet playing games and watching funny videos. Which is why the parents have considered the internet for kids moreover as a threat rather than a grant. Simba TV has broken through this notion by getting the kids more interested in learning new things. The fun packed videos are available for kids to stream each time they tune in.

Entertaining and Educating kids at ones
If you have been browsing through all of the channels on the portals for short and enjoyable video series that teach your kid new stuffs, we know how exhausting that is. It can be really tough to find all the things under one roof. It is a one-stop channel that teaches basic vocabulary and getting young students familiar with the different sets of activities. That’s when we introduced kids to Simba TV that helps them in learning all the poems, listening stories, and understanding pronunciation; all at once. Here we have left no stone unturned as our collection gives your kids a variety of knowledge including, preschool activities, the alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, the compilation of kids songs, jingles, phonetics and nursery rhymes, craft and easy drawing with creative cartoon animations.

Fun for kids and Trusted by parents
Through Simba the kids get to learn gives out videos that are not only focusing on kids entertainment but also smart fun for them. At Simba, we have covered kids all ages from pre-school to tween all in one safe place. We needed one channel that is specifically for kids and has early learning videos that the parents can trust. We also kept in mind that we need to help the kids in learning, without getting them bored. Engaging the kids with the video trough friendly cartoons, who teach the little ones nursery rhymes in a playful way. Be it the relaxing time after school or bedtime stories, learning has got more fun for kids with these videos. The pleasant tunes and flashy cartoons make it easy for kids to remember words and hence steadily improves their listening and speaking skills.

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