“Innovation is a fundamental virtue of marketing”

SF’s Distribution model is based on delivering products and solutions through an established reseller base of mobile phone and accessories retailers, which has been built up through a history of consistent trustworthy service and nurturing resellers as business partners. SF is a focused and unique Value Added Distribution company which specialises in taking key brands to market. We encompass our distribution and strategic planning across multiple territories and languages. SF’s unwavering commitment to their business partners, whose success they view as their own, ensures a keen understanding of their resellers’ needs, enabling SF to bring maximum value to their endeavours. SF bundles it’s products and services into the entire retail environment, covering all mainstream outlets and independents.

SF is a top-of-line distribution company, specialising in supplying Entertainment, Mobile, ICT and enterprise-ready solutions. We have invested heavily in skilled human resources, enabling us to reach-out to an established reseller-base, with which we have close and trusted relationships.

We have extensive retail experience in India. Understanding this market segment has given SF the opportunity to re-align our entire business model. This strategy allows us to reward our sales teams on sell-thru, and not sell-in. We also understand that we can significantly influence the rate at which our products sell-through. Faster sell through allows additional ownership of shelf space. Faster sell through creates a trust factor between SF and the retailers.

SF concentrates on brand building and brand custodianship in terms of representing its national and international brands in the Indian retail sector.

We strive to build awareness of the brand firstly through distribution and listings in the retail trade and making use of strong below-the-line in-store activities such as in-store promotions, and price deals for select periods of the year.

Depending on the profile of the product range we will also conduct above-the-line advertising and we will position advertising and advertorials in targeted media. We use this two-pronged approach for the premier brands in our portfolio and for those for which we have established strong national listings and received support from the retail buyers.

Multi Channel Distribution System

SF offers

  • to be a stockist of your product
  • to represent your brand in the market place
  • to gather marketing intelligence
  • to assume risk
  • to deliver product and offer post sales support
  • to add value to the sale

SF combines strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide innovative distribution models that consistently break new ground. We deliver high-quality work through our focus on bidirectional communication, responsive customer service, client education, accurate management and an ethical approach to business.

Developing an effective brand representation begins with understanding the images and language that will speak to your brand and brand structure. SF will work together with you to create the core brand structure that all other branding and marketing materials should support. Based on the brand structure, we will create a positioning statement that speaks to the specific product or service offering of your brand. We will craft a brand promise that will communicate to customers, investors, and your industry what they can expect from you and your brand.

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