Shot Formats Information and Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D) initiative is on the strong belief that efficiently implementing ICT solutions will impact millions of people’s lives.SF’s providing low cost ICT solutions to tackle socio-economic challenges and supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Integral to our approach is capacity building; not just computer competency but ensuring that ICT is integrated into curriculums that seek to enhance life chances and provide equal opportunity to those otherwise disadvantaged. Our mission is to reduce further the digital divide and give a chance to more people to improve their lives.

SF’s ICT4D experts are all over the world and are available to help design, develop, implement and maintain highly-tailored applications for local needs.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
M&E efforts take a great deal of time and methodical planning and implementation. Earlier these tasks were paper based, which made them prone to error, difficult and time taking to conduct on a large scale, and were high in implemention costs. ICT tools, including hardware like mobile phones and tablets, applications with the capacity to create digital surveys, and applications that allows users to upload data to storage facilities in real-time or near real-time, have reduced the conventional challenges associated with remote Monitoring and Evaluation.

Sustainable Urbanization.
City development investments that focuses on implementation of large ICT component can enable the design of smarter cities that offer a better quality of life for their residents while being more sustainable and cost efficient.

Health Information and communications technologies play a critical role in improving health care for individuals and communities. By providing new and more efficient ways of accessing, communicating, and storing information, ICT tools and applications can help bridge the information divides that have emerged in the health sector in developing countries. Through the development of databases and other applications, ICTs also provide the capacity to improve health system efficiencies and facilitates informed decision making.

Sustainable Agriculture.
ICTs are changing the face of agricultural extension. Agricultural development initiatives are increasingly relying on ICTs to enhance farmers' and communities' uptake of practices and innovations for improved food security.

Education. Educational systems worldwide, face the challenge of preparing citizens who need to be equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to transform current unsustainable practices. Information and Communication Technologies play an increasingly important role in the way we communicate, learn and live. SF considers that ICTs can contribute to access to education, equity in education, the delivery of quality learning and teaching as well as improve education management, governance and administration provided the enabling envoirnment, technologies and capacities are in place.

Undernutrition in early life can have devastating and life-long consequences for physical growth as well as cognitive and social development. Effective nutrition monitoring systems are therefore crucial for governments to capture undernutrition in its early stages, track trends and inform rapid decision-making. Credible and timely data is also important to hold stakeholders accountable for their commitment to deliver nutrition services and combat undernutrition.


Cloud Computing
SF provides development, migration and integration services to make the transition from existing infrastructure to cloud-based solutions. Cloud computing is a model of accessing a shared pool of computing resources like networks, storage, services, and applications on demand. Cloud applications allow you to rapidly and securely scale your solution as your user base grows. Using a cloud-deployed system allows you to streamline processes, increase collaboration among employees, and reduce spending on technology infrastructure. Our experiences in development of cloud-based applications position us to draw up an effective plan matching your specific requirement.

Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
We build scalable systems that can Store, Process, Visualize, and Predict in near real-time.Our business analytics solutions and services are designed to solve the problems that organizations face in different domains, to enable you to get the critical information and actionable intelligence exactly when you need it. We design and develop snapshot status view in form of data dashboards.

Web Development
SF’s web development team provides development support for websites ranging from static websites to complex web applications and content management systems. Incorporating stringent standards, we build powerful, easy-to-use sites and applications that are customized to needs. Our website development services include web applications, content management systems, and solutions using Open Source and Microsoft technologies.

Open Source
SF has expertise in open source development, our services are backed by consultants with in depth experience in competency assessment, planning, and building an open source practice. We build on this and offer further value to an engagement through: Our domain and technology experts combined with a structured delivery process, superior project mentoring, and risk assessment capabilities ensure an unmatched service experience.

Mobile 4 Development (M4D)
We have a team of hotshot mobile developers. Our understanding of iPhone, iPad, Android, and windows mobile technologies enables us to bring a high level of expertise to your organization. We understand all aspects of mobile development including user-experience, design, performance, and security. We know how to build mobile apps that can rise to your needs, no matter how large.

Entertainment for Development (E4D)
SF is in the brink of launching exciting new Entertainment for Development initiative using music, videos, movies, photo-stories and others as platform to deliver important life-skills.

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