Managed VAS Services

SF is today one of the top two digital entertainment and MVAS companies in India. An expert team of unrelenting professionals lead the company’s state-of-the-art innovation center. Our managed VAS services solution enables operators to ensure reliability, efficency and positive customer experience.

The vast experience of SF in designing, developing, installing, customizing and managing the wide range of VAS elements brings in tremendous value proposition to the operators. SF’s ISO complied processes ensure that the operator’s network is well managed in terms of day-to-day maintenance, upgrades, statistics & MIS reports reconciliation, business intelligence reports, system uptimes, customizations, creation of technological road maps etc. as per the agreed SLAs & KPIs. The experienced work force of SF combined with advance technical tools allows us to provide 24x7 support with regular updates to the operator’s to have a complete view of the network along with any expansion requirements.

With large mobile subscriber base and the online wave of social applications like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have created a need for efficient mobile value added services which require the mobile operators to constantly innovate. At the same time, scarcity of competent manpower and their demand from competing mobile operator puts a lot of stress on operators’ ability to manage the service quality to their subscribers. The multiplicity of VAS providers/applications and their integration to backend billing, OSS, customer care systems also consumes a lot of effort and time.

SF, leveraging the VAS capability, provides end-to-end service management and manage, monitor and deliver top of the line and consistent customer service experience. Our managed services solution is comprehensive, and provides standardized approach to end-to-end service management. SF’s model for Managed VAS Services will open infrastructure capabilities to application and service providers through a managed layer. Will provide an underlying framework for VAS applications and Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Our solution will provide revenue management which will include, analytical support, business intelligence and loyalty campaigns to drive service usage and enhance revenue growth.

Some of the benefits that a service provider can get by implementing SF’s managed VAS services:

  • Enhanced revenue growth through streamlined operations and delivery
  • High service availability
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Reduced time to market for VAS services – edge over competitors
  • Efficient
  • Quick response time to market needs – dashboards and reports

SF has established a Managed VAS practice which can enable mobile operators to outsource VAS deployment, integration, management and operations, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Without having to worry about hiring, retaining and managing VAS staff, mobile operators can achieve reduced time to market, higher customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

SF has a panel of industry experts who work closely with mobile operators to establish a VAS strategy, based on market requirements. An audit is conducted and then a recommendation is made for the appropriate VAS products to be deployed.

SF provides a middleware which smoothens the integration of VAS products to backend systems for postpaid billing, prepaid billing, customer care and service management. End-to-end Service Management

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