Service Delivery Platform

Service Delivery Platform (SDP) offers centralized solution for integration, testing & control over all offered services,via a centralized setup.

It ensures rapid changes & deployments along with roll out of all Value Added Services & hence facilitates on demand service delivery on the fly, via bridging the gaps between operator's infrastructure & content partner's applications.

It helps content partners to integrate with single interface & facilitates all required services with single entity.

SDP offers control over all respective integration at central deployment & ensures fast, centralized & timely deliveries as per requirements for related products, interfaces & services.

Enables operator to have a central governing body for overall transactions & related KPIs.

Ensures KPI monitoring & empowers the management to take quick, effective & major deployment related change decisions, which can be brought in-effect within very short span of time.

Value generated & content partner's service performance can also be measured & compared through SDP's online KPI monitoring.

SDP ensures the timely measurement of growth & related infrastructure augmentation for future projects & related projections.

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