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Whistle Blower News India is a 24-hour, trusted news source that delivers logical information. It is an independent news and entertainment venture, that sheds light on the crisp political and social affairs to the masses. Breaking out from the stereotypical news format, Whistle Blower News India is a new age online news network. Every news feed conveyed from our channel goes through watchful reporting, rigorous analyses and expert commentary. At Whistle Blower News India, we bring out unbiased and straight forward content from the news world without sugar coating it. In this way, we not only keen on keeping our viewers updated with recent happening, but give out accurate details about the news that are not even covered.

Our major turn in this path was when India Matters transformed into Whistle Blower News India in December, 2016. We came up with this apt name that resonates with our thought process of exposing the bitter truth of the society. Same unbiased stories with a new name "Whistle Blower News India", was a huge encouragement to keep going on with our just opinions.

Ashok Wankhade is the experienced journalist and Whistle Blower News India ’s official speaker. This veteran journalist is no doubt skilled at drilling to the core issues in Indian political and social affairs. Along with Mr. Wankhade, we are also proud to have a bunch of other experienced reporters namely, Deepak Gupta, Himanshu Chaturvedi and Navin Bhatia to blow the whistle against injustice.

At Whistle Blower we call the renowned celebrity advocate Rizwan Siddiqui our own “influencer”. He is our guiding mentor who helps us in making the public understand more about the Indian law and legal issues. Rizwan Siddiqui’s videos primarily focus on educating and clear up the common dilemmas related to modern judicial notions. The main purpose of this distinguished advocate is to go forward and explain the complex legal issues and sections.

Although, we have also touched rough roads at times, when few of our viewers reacted negatively to some videos. Few of the viewers at times disagreed with our facts as they felt that we were being impolite towards their favored parties. Yet our team went on giving the honest commentaries. Along with this we also gladly accept the suggestion and responses as valuable feedback.

Whistle Blower News India in its own way is standing by the prime ethics of Journalism. Being neutral at every step and making sure that the content is not misleading our viewers in anyway. Our rational approach toward every news helps us in making our stories fair and influencing the masses with our just opinions. Our prime goal is to keep on blowing the whistle loudly to uncover the truth without being bias.

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